Tian Gombau: New Shoes

Chicago Puppet Fest presents New Shoes. Internationally recognized Tian Gombau creates large experiences from very little. In this one-man show, a local event at a Mediterranean town takes you on a universal journey, speaking with simplicity and poetry about the fact of growing up.

The Koryū Nishikawa Troupe: AKUTAGAWA

Chicago Puppet Fest presents AKUTAGAWA. The Koryū Nishikawa Troupe brings a collaborative puppet performance by Chicago-based puppet artist Tom Lee and Japanese traditional puppeteer Koryū Nishikawa V.

The Gottabees: Squirrel Stole My Underpants

Chicago Puppet Fest presents Squirrel Stole My Underpants
. In this poignantly silly adventure tale for families, Sylvie is sent to the backyard to hang up the laundry. The moment her back is turned, a mischievous squirrel steals her favorite piece of clothing and runs off.

Les Anges au Plafond: R.A.G.E.

Chicago Puppet Fest presents R.A.G.E. In a spectacular blending of magic, puppetry, gesture and manipulation, R.A.G.E. presents the outlandish story of a literary imposter who, to escape censorship, invents a new identity and plots one of the most beautiful deceptions of the 20th century.

Manual Cinema: Frankenstein

Chicago Puppet Fest presents Frankenstein. Love, loss, and creation merge in unexpected ways when Manual Cinema presents its thrilling version of the classic Gothic tale.