The 2024 Festival has concluded—thanks to all who joined us!

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Show Submission Form

To submit your show to the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival, please complete the form with as much detail as you are able. Submissions made online will go through the Curatorial Advisory Committee for review. If your show is being considered for presentation in the Festival, staff will contact you for further details. Submissions are evaluated based on multiple factors.

The Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival is presented in collaboration with over two dozen arts organizations. We value the diverse perspectives of our partners, and involve their multifaceted assessments in our curatorial decisions. The Festival seeks innovative and distinctive artists, whose works harness puppetry’s unique strengths, expand its multiple forms and practices, and celebrate its distinctive cultural traditions. We also emphasize the racial, gender, ethnic, and geographical diversity of representation.

Please note, the programming for the upcoming festival has already been decided, so your submission will be considered for future festivals. Thank you!