Save the Dates for the Next Festival: January 18-28, 2024

Pigmalião Escultura que Mexe: Macunaíma Gourmet

Chicago Puppet Fest presents Macunaima Gourmet. Met by standing ovations at its 2019 premiere, this reinterpretation of the popular Brazilian novel “Macunaíma” by Mário de Andrade is full of spectacle, outrageousness and political perspective that demanded expression through puppetry and object.

Janni Younge: Hamlet

DuSable Black History Museum & Education Center & Chicago Puppet Fest present Hamlet. Humans and puppet creatures coil, tangle, knot and mesh together in celebrated South African artist Janni Younge’s new adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic.

Theodora Skipitares: Grand Panorama

Harold Washington Library & Chicago Puppet Fest present Grand Panorama. Frederick Douglass is widely recognized as the most photographed person in the 19th century. In Grand Panorama, his obsession with photography takes center stage illuminating the power of image to “tell the truth” about humanity and the African-American experience during slavery.

Les Anges au Plafond: R.A.G.E.

Chicago Puppet Fest presents R.A.G.E. In a spectacular blending of magic, puppetry, gesture and manipulation, R.A.G.E. presents the outlandish story of a literary imposter who, to escape censorship, invents a new identity and plots one of the most beautiful deceptions of the 20th century.

Andy Manjuck and Dorothy James

Chicago Puppet Fest presents Bill’s 44th. Bill’s 44th is an original comedic show that brings two puppeteers together to create one (very worried) protagonist. Many styles of puppetry, raucous balloons, and a cheeky piece of crudité all collide to examine the pitfalls of impatience and the wonder of loneliness.

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