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10 Best Things to Do in Chicago in January 2017

by Mommy Nearest The holiday chaos may have cleared, but there is still plenty to do around Chicago! Kick off the new year by viewing Kohl Children’s Museum’s newest exhibit, attending […]

38 exciting openings in Chicago in January

by Grace Perry It’s officially January in Chicago, when the fresh potential of a new calendar year is paired with the bitter cold of the post-holiday lull. It’s easy to cozy up […]

Puppet fest entertains both young, old

by Joan Dittmann, Post-Tribune If you’ve ever used your hands to cast shadows of shapes on the wall, you’ve literally tried your hand at one of the world’s oldest forms of puppetry. […]

I Gave My Kids The Talk Using Puppets

by Kathleen Thometz, Western Springs Journal There has been a lot of breast-beating and angst about how bad 2016 was and many are happy to have it behind them. The beauty […]

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