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The team of 


Producer : Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Original Story by : Lunang Pramusesa & Maria Tri Sulistyani

Artistic Directors : Maria Tri Sulistyani & Iwan Effendi

Director : Maria Tri S

Puppet Engineer : Anton Fajri, M. Alhaq

Puppet Designers :  Anton Fajri, Iwan Effendi, M. Alhaq, Lunang Pramusesa

Puppets and Sets builder : Pambo Priyojati,  Beni Sanjaya, M. Alhaq, Hardiansyah Yoga, Lunang Pramusesa

Lighting designer  : Anton Fajri

Music Composer : Yennu Ariendra

Music Director & operator : Iwan Effendi

Costume maker : Retno Intiani

Photographer & Videographer : Rangga Yudhistira

Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Desa Sembungan RT 2  |  Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul

Yogyakarta 55184  |  INDONESIA  |

IG & twitter: @papermoonpuppet  |  FB : Papermoon Puppet Theatre, Indonesia



Wehea is a little boy who lives in a big rain forest. Just like any other people who live there, Wehea has a special connection with nature. Even the smallest beings in the forest are his friends.

One day, Wehea sees a very special beetle. He then embarks on an adventure to meet the beetle; the ver special rhinoceros beetle who always searches for the lights and turns out to save his life.

“A Bucket of Beetles” is more than just a story of a beautiful friendship. It is a story about the connection between humans and nature.  A story that leaves us questioning ourselves: are we taking care of our water, soil, and air enough?

This play is based on a story told by a 4-year old little boy.

All designs of the animal puppets in the play are taken from his drawings.

At the end of the performance the audience is invited to the stage for a close up view.