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The National Museum of Mexican Art and Chicago Puppet Fest present:

La Liga Teatro Elástico:
The Beast Dance (or The Secret Spell of the Wild)

La Liga Teatro Elástico celebrates the important role of the wildest predators within our natural ecosystem using spectacle and community interaction in reverence to the wolf with The Beast Dance (or The Secret Spell of the Wild). This spectacle revives the ancient dance of the hunter and the prey to the rhythm of festive traditional sounds. Workshop participants young and old who have spent the prior week building puppet-beasts will assemble the production right in front of the audience and then release it into the public space. It’s been performed more than 50 times in streets, squares and parks on three continents, where people have participated to the rhythm of Oaxacan sones, Basque trikitritxas or Otomi tunditos on beaches, mountains, semi-deserts or snow. Now Chicago will take its turn continuing to evolve and enrich this community spectacle featuring the live band, Los Héroes del Desfierro.

Event Details

Saturday, January 20
at 2 pm

Location: National Museum of Mexican Art, 1852 W. 19th St.

Cost: FREE, no reservations required

**Please note: The forecasted weather is extremely cold.** This event is primarily outside, so wearing very warm clothing with no exposed skin is highly recommended. This is performed outside by professional puppeteers and amateurs.

Ages: All ages

Running Time: 75 mins

ADA Accessible? Yes