You are in the archive of the 2023 Festival, which took place January 18-29 and was the 5th edition.

Here you will find scholarship, resources, documentation, and further reading about the performances, which took place at the 5th Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival.

Program Brochure

Note: some presentation changes happened after printing

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Blair Thomas (coming soon)

Program Brochure 

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2023 Events

Plexus Poliare: Moby Dick

Les Anges au Plafond: R.A.GE. (coming soon)

The Gottabees: Squirrel Stole My Underpants (coming soon)

Livsmedlet Theater: Invisible Lands 

The FREE Neighborhood Tour with Little Uprisings (coming soon)

The Gottabees: Go Home Tiny Monster

Théâtre de l’Entrouvert: Anywhere 

Khecari: as though your body were right

Nasty, Brutish & Short: A Puppet Cabaret (coming soon)

The Koryū Nishikawa Troupe/Tom Lee: AKUTAGAWA

Manual Cinema: Frankenstein

Janni Younge: Hamlet 

Naive Theater: Choo. Choo. Whistle. Woof! 

Basil Twist: Dogugaeshi

Theodora Skipitares: Grand Panorama

Rough House Theater Co: Invitation to a Beheading

La Fille Du Laitier: Macbeth Muet

Pigmalião Escultura que Mexe: Macunaíma Gourmet (coming soon)

Tian Gombau: New Shoes (coming soon)

Basil Twist: Symphonie Fantastique Film (coming soon)

Motel by Dan Hurlin (coming soon)

The Ellen Van Volkenburg Puppetry Symposium (coming soon)

2023 Festival Partners