2024 Festival Archive: Matthew Gawryk & Dan Kerr-Hobert

Matthew Gawryk & Dan Kerr-Hobert:
Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities: A Toy Theater Atlas

January 18-21, 2024

Instituto Cervantes of Chicago

Presented by Instituto Cervantes of Chicago and Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival

Special Thanks to The Italo Calvino estate


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Matthew Gawryk & Dan Kerr-Hobert at the Ellen Van Volkenburg Symposium

On Saturday, January 20th 2024, Matthew Gawryk & Dan Kerr-Hobert were speakers at The Ellen Van Volkenburg Puppetry Symposium session entitled “Panel 1 – Mechanisms.”

The event was presented by the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival and sponsored by UNIMA-USA, moderated by Dr. Paulette Richards, and held online through Howlround.

Panel 1 – Mechanisms explores the question: How do mechanisms, both digital and mechanical, ingenious and simple work to animate the material characters and performance?

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January 18-21, 2024
Instituto Cervantes of Chicago
31 W. Ohio St.

Kublai Khan feels his empire slipping away, and only from the tales of his emissary Marco Polo can he grasp it. A meditation on the nature and form of cities, of both their uniqueness and ubiquity, this toy theater adaptation of Italo Calvino’s novel compresses 18 cities into a menagerie of objects that articulate the narrative, using a variety of mediums including puppetry, object theater, paper mechanics and living sculpture.

Learn more at: toy-atlas.com 

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