2024 Festival Archive: Belova ~ Iacobelli Theatre Company

Belova ~ Iacobelli Theatre Company: Chayka

January 26-28, 2024

Chopin Theatre

Presented by Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival

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View Tita and Natacha’s presentation above or watch full symposium on Howlround.

Tita Jacobelli and Natacha Belova at the Ellen Van Volkenburg Symposium

On Saturday, January 27th, Tita Jacobelli and Natacha Belova were speakers at The Ellen Van Volkenburg Puppetry Symposium session entitled “Panel 3 – Manipulation.”

The event was presented by the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival and sponsored by UNIMA-USA, moderated by Dr. Paulette Richards, and held online through Howlround.

Panel 3 – Manipulation explores the question: How does the material used to construct the puppet affect the manipulation technique used to animate it? How do the needs of the performance influence the choice of materials and manipulation techniques?

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January 26-28, 2024
The Chopin Theatre (mainstage)
1543 W. Division St.

In the backstage of a theater, an aging actress named Chayka struggles to remember why she is there. A young woman arrives to remind her: tonight she must play the part of Arkadina in Chekhov’s The Seagull. As her memory fades, not knowing quite who she is nor the part she is meant to be playing, Chayka is determined at least to give this last performance. In her struggle and descent, reality and fiction intersect. This multi-award winning production, told in a dreamlike style, is a duo performance for one actress and one puppet, and is the first piece from the Belgo-Chilean company Belova ~ Iacobelli.

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