Join us for the next Festival: January 15-26, 2025

by Glossed and Found

Say hello to Chicago’s newest cultural festival—Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival. The 10-day fest will showcase a captivating and eclectic lineup of puppet styles from around the world including marionettes, shadow puppets and other innovative styles of contemporary puppetry. Our favorite venues around the city will converge to present the inaugural fest, including The Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum and Chicago History Museum. Follow along as we channel our inner Jim Hensen and give all you puppet newbies our top show picks for the fest.

We couldn’t resist trying our hand at the great art of puppetry! We’re learning puppet manipulation 101 with the co-curators of the Nasty, Brutish, and Short puppet cabaret, a mini-fest within the fest featuring works that mash up classic stories into dark & twisty, humorous, tender and everything in between.

Chances are you won’t have time to see all the puppets on all the stages during the Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival, but if you’re new to the puppet world, we’re giving you the best shows to clear your schedule for (or at least the ones we think might be cool).

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