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Chicago Puppet Fest presents:

Joshua Holden: The Joshua Show

January 27-29, 2022

With live music by Jeb Cowell

Spend some time with The Ambassador of Joy and award-winning puppeteer, Joshua Holden. The Joshua Show, could cheer up even the grumpiest grump, like Joshua’s right-hand man, Mr. Nicholas, who is planning an escape to outer space. With singing, tap dancing, and a cast of zany puppets, Joshua sets out to convince Mr. Nicholas to stay, and in doing so, he brings glee to the masses. Relax your smile muscles now because The Joshua Show will have you smiling from ear to ear with contagious joy. Joshua Holden debuted The Joshua Show at Nasty Brutish and Short in Chicago in 2012. He then took it to the Puppeteers of America’s National Festival, where it was awarded “Best Performance” and “Fan Favorite.” He has been touring the show internationally ever since.

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